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Sandra Qin

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PAUSE is a gamification app designed to help individuals cut back on excessive mobile gaming. The app alerts users when they exceed the allotted time they set for themselves and rewards them for playing less. By saving time, users accumulate virtual credit, encouraging them to spend less time on mobile games.


A.Desk Research

01. Mobile Game Addiction 

According to the latest data, there are approximately 3.09 billion active video gamers worldwide. That figure has risen by over 1 billion in just seven years (that's a 32% increase). And the number of gamers is expected to hit 3.32 billion by 2024.

Mobile gaming addiction is a significant concern for many individuals worldwide. With mobile games being highly accessible and addictive, they can become a real problem for people who struggle to control their usage. Despite the risks, the mobile gaming industry is incredibly profitable.While only 48% of the top 400 apps on Google Play are games, these apps brought in 92% of total revenue.

02. Why they can be so addictive?


01. How to solve the problem with PAUSE?

PAUSE would not only alert the users while they play the mobile game more than the time they set, but also reward them if they play less and save their time into the virtual credit card. After cus- tomizing their own characters in the app, the users are able to purchase clothes for their characters which they will also receive in real life, as the time they save can be converted to discounts.