Sandra Qin


Sandra Qin

Shuyang Xin


The Fnji 2021 furniture collection annual launch event is centered around the theme of SOUTH · EAST · NORTH · WEST. One of the standout pieces in the collection is the Carousel Table, inspired by the traditional Chinese origami fortune teller game, known as 东南西北 (which means south, east, north, and west).

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Initially, I experimented with various iterations of the origami's exact shape and form as a design element. However, I realized that these sketches were too straightforward for origami itself and decided to pivot to the pattern of the Carousel Table instead.


To maintain consistency with the theme, I used a combination of shadow and lines to create the illusion of three-dimensional folded paper on a two-dimensional medium during the launch event. This approach aimed to capture the essence of the tactile origami paper.